ANL Range - L Type

Ultra Low Maintenance Battery
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ANL Range L type Ni-Cd batteries are the ideal for low maintenance power backup solution for installations that demand maximum reliability while operating for long periods at high ambient temperatures. ANL Range is especially suited for the oil and gas, utility and electricity industries.


  • UPS
  • emergency and security systems
  • process control


ANL Range batteries are designed to meet the needs of applications requiring ultra low maintenance.

  • excellent chargeability at low charge voltage, reducing down-time load voltage window
  • no risk of sudden death
  • only one topping-up requirement during its entire service life
  • long operational life: 12 years plus at +40°C

Capacity Range

  • 15 Ah to 1700 Ah

Pocket Plate Technology

The key feature of the ANL Range cell is its very efficient gas recombination, with very low gas emission, well in excess of the requirements of IEC 62259.